Hard times in New York Town

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For every box of kid's cereals, one dagger will be donated to a veteran

The dude of marketing

Interstate 91 toward New Haven:

” buy a car : 10 cookie boxes donated to our soldiers ”

… Really?

How to reshape your baby’s head

Last spring, I started noticing babies wearing weird head protection that basically resembled rugby helmets. At first I got really scared, because it made the babies look like they had just been hit by a bus and had to deal with a bad skull fracture. I felt awful for the moms and babies, and thus deliberately avoided the subject because moms usually hate the “oh god, what happened to Kevin?” conversation.

A few days later, I went to the girls’ pediatrician and noticed ads for cranialtech, “reshaping children’s life”. Once again, I had it all wrong.

It is just an efficient solution to reshape your baby’s head. I guess that originally, that thing had been designed for kids suffering plagiocephaly (I am copy-pasting the website but you’ll have to admit that the word “plagiocephaly” is really chic). But the market of moms wanting to produce a Gattaca offspring being juicy, why limit yourself?

Hector metaphorically fighting sperm

Advertising – subjective fails?

Yes, Americans are better at selling basically any product. Their campaigns are funnier, their actors are cuter, and Don Draper is fucking Don Draper.

But sometimes, they fail. Here is my personal subjective top three but you might as well disagree.

1. Condoms, brand “Trojan”. Apparently it’s well-known. The packaging presents an angry warrior. I do get the idea of the warrior stopping the sperm. But come on, the trojans were all slaughtered because a giant horse full of little men broke, and the little men infested the city. When applying the horse metaphor to the condom, well Houston, there’s a problem.

2. biscuits supposedly healthy called glutino. I remember that Seven scene way too well to ever forget the word gluttony. And to ever buy a glutino biscuit. But then again, maybe it’s just me.
3. trash bins with the highly significant name Brute. This one is not really a fail but it does make me laugh.
This is NOT an illustration for an egg donor advertising

Fun ads

Path, April 24

Become an egg donor and help a family grow. 

Have you considered being an egg donor?

Not only will you earn 8000 dollars, you will be helping fulfill someone’s dream of having child.

Must be 21-32.

Contact IRMS (+ details)