Hard times in New York Town

Two 16 year-old kids, whose growth suddenly stopped owing to lack of gym classes.

Step-by-step adjustment

I go to a cooking class for kids. My neighbour runs a company that does them and my neighbour is very cool. But this helps me realise that my whole education is probably a gigantic failure.

So I meet Jim’s mom and she tells me about her son. Jim is six months old. He goes to a music class and to a swim class. According to his mom, Jim kind of likes swimming, but his relationship to music is unstable. Sometimes he enjoys it; sometimes he is not really focused. Jim is an unpredictable guy (I suspect his mother also fears he is bipolar, but she mentions nothing about it).
But as Jim’s mom wisely says, “well they have to go to all those classes anyway, otherwise how will they ever develop”?

Abysmal mystery indeed …



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