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Moving and pooping, chapter 3

Summary of the last episodes: little Nayla has stopped pooping because her whole world is upside down. Her parents are concerned, but helpless.

At the park, I meet another European mother. Because Nayla is wriggling all around, I have to explain her the concept of moving and pooping (I love those very embarrassing moments where you meet someone, preferably chic and posh, and you have to start a whole conversation about your daughter who stopped pooping since you moved to the US and who, right now, both wants to poop and doesn’t want to poop).

She sighs and says “oh well you know, when we moved, Martin was so anxious that he starting bitting all the other kids at the park. The parents were not all understanding”.

I have also meet another mother. Her son hasn’t slept since they moved here (apparently, he is really running all night, but really all night in his room). She looks like she is going to jump out of the window right now.

I am thinking about a top 3 “most imaginative kids as regards how to fuck up their parents’ life”.

And I am thinking about all the people in Europe who kept telling me “it’s going to be all right. Kids adjust SO fast”. I want to bite them.

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