Hard times in New York Town

Las Vegas Parano (New York version)

List of weird things you end up finding normal

– The Dog Market (capital letters required): dog psychic, dog coats, and little shoes. Dogdates, dogs playgrounds, serious conversations about dogs, presents for dogs (seen in a catalog: little doggie diapers)

– Available free bibles everywhere

– the fact that everyone calls you “mommy” (and no-one calls your husband “daddy”)

– the fact that trucks look like children’s toys. They seem to be used just like children’s toys too. Flashing lights and fire alarms everywhere. If only Charlotte could drive and use flashlights, she would behave exactly like this.

– your own stupidity of woman who hasn’t used her brain for way too long. When exactly have you become that socially awkward weirdo who makes disgusting sex jokes to someone she barely knows?

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us chapters

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