Hard times in New York Town

Life beating up a foreigner (allegory)

Championship loser

Top three fails :

I lost 1,500 bucks in a pickpocket-but-more-subtle-trick, where you purchase a 30 dollar-phone that ends up costing 1,500 dollars (credit card trick #1).

I was stolen a (single) snow shoe in front of my door on a snowy day. The mystery is agathachristian (the drunken neighbour, the drunken neighbour’s toddler?? a one-legged man?? although that would probably be more davidlynchian)

Dentist: 2 800 dollars and counting. My bold dentist sent me to a scary specialised dentist who devitalized tooth number 18 for 2,800 dollars. He also offered to slay tooth number 17 for 2,600 dollars, and tooth number 19 for also 2,600 dollars (no buy two get one free on tooth apparently).



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