Hard times in New York Town

Sorry, you are wearing sneakers

the sweet cheat gone?

Let’s talk about scary Albertine.

To summarize for those who haven’t been pressured by the hype, Albertine is a French book store located right by the Met. So the very chic Antonin Baudry, who co-wrote one of the best French comics in the last few years, decided there HAD to be a French book store in NYC. I agree with Antonin. His network being however slightly more chic than mine, he had the power to have it financed by basically all the successful French firms. Of course, the result is magnificent, but it looks more like a Valentino shop than a regular book store. Which means you are too scared to touch the books, and most of all, your heart stops beating when you think your daughter could fart on the couch. And fuck, a book store is precisely the place where you should feel at ease and fart on the couch.

Bref, the magic of parisian entre-soi at its best.



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