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Miscellaneous: Volunteering, started as a 6 years old. Leader in counselling and logistics at a local NGO. Over 530 meals distributed, successful counselling in 30 cases; logistics, PPPs, psychological support

Supersize me – the CV – part 1

I translated my French CV thoroughly. But I start noticing that all the job offers request me to be an “outstanding candidate”.

I don’t think that I will ever be an outstanding candidate for anything. For all I know, In Europe, you are never really expected to be outstanding, that words strictly applies to Obama and Beyonce. Basically you would be expected to meet the academic and professional requirements and also be a super-nice person.

The thing is, I have started to understand that an American application is just a super-sized version of yourself. You should never lie, but should not be afraid to FUCKING overdo it.

So I have changed my CV. It does now scream that I am witty, smart, task-oriented, easy to adjust to multicultural environments, multi-skilled, generous, a good cook. And I ran a marathon.

This sure hasn’t found me a job, but when I look at my CV, I do have the feeling that people should organise wrestling contests to hire me. This is a comforting feeling.

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us chapters

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