Hard times in New York Town

Parent going on anti-constipation crusade (allegory)

Moving and pooping (chapter 1)

We thought we had been good-enough parents. We had bought Nayla tons of books with a subtle under-text. Like “Jerry moves abroad, learns a new language, changes friends and nanny and gets a new baby brother or sister. Jerry is very happy”.

But it turned out Nayla didn’t enjoy shifting her whole world.

Unfortunately, Nayla is the type of kids who embodies perfectly german expressionist movies: she is silent, but scary.

So one day, Nayla simply decided to stop pooping.

For the first two days, we thought of it as something funny. Less diapers to change. Plus, I had just had had Charlotte, and I was so exhausted that the bare word “poop” made me laugh stupidly. So whenever friends were coming over, we just explained the situation and laughed at Nayla’s huge willpower.

But after four days of watching her serene constipation, we started freaking out. At that point, we also made the typical mistake: we looked it up on the internet. It was terrifying. A long list of desperate moms who had dealt with the problem for years and were still stuck with disgusting poop-stories and laxatives at breakfast. And most of them seemed to be imploring their kid to make duty by saying things like “give me your little present my love”.

Nayla kept answering “nope, nope. No pooping” to our increasingly anxious questions, like this did not concern her.

So we just decided to bravely address the issue. We just didn’t know how much courage we would need.

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us chapters

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