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violence, a bad activity (linkedin legend)

Linkedin, revolution through slogans

One year after I enrolled in Linkedin. Linkedin didn’t help me find a job. But it did help me waste a lot of time, including for finding 347 friends.

What I tend to find particularly weird is the news feed. Among the revolutionary “X is  celebrating 3 years with X firm », which is always being politely liked by 10 people, it’s a real banquet of bad slogans. I guess that being friend with their boss, or their bosses boss, petrifies all my linkedin friends. But the phrases they like or create look exactly like a bad corporate brochure.

Examples (excerpts from today’s newsfeed):

“you want to win? promote more women”

“If a cluttered desis a sigof a cluttered mindjust what does an empty desk mean?” by super-likable Einstein

us chapters

us chapters

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