Hard times in New York Town

Hector metaphorically fighting sperm

Advertising – subjective fails?

Yes, Americans are better at selling basically any product. Their campaigns are funnier, their actors are cuter, and Don Draper is fucking Don Draper.

But sometimes, they fail. Here is my personal subjective top three but you might as well disagree.

1. Condoms, brand “Trojan”. Apparently it’s well-known. The packaging presents an angry warrior. I do get the idea of the warrior stopping the sperm. But come on, the trojans were all slaughtered because a giant horse full of little men broke, and the little men infested the city. When applying the horse metaphor to the condom, well Houston, there’s a problem.

2. biscuits supposedly healthy called glutino. I remember that Seven scene way too well to ever forget the word gluttony. And to ever buy a glutino biscuit. But then again, maybe it’s just me.
3. trash bins with the highly significant name Brute. This one is not really a fail but it does make me laugh.

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